Until the new CBA is ratified, there are a couple ways to pay union dues/agency fee.

Mail in your Union Dues by Check or Money Order 

Make payable to: IGUA Local 160

Send payment to: P.O. Box 4292 Frederick, MD 21705


Easy payment through PAYPAL! 

You will have to set up a personal account with www.paypal.com Link your personal credit cards and or personal bank accounts to your new paypal account and send money using the email: [email protected] 


Go to the following link: https://paypal.me/IGUALocal160

Check out the links below for an explanation of Union dues and the importance of it.

The Dues and Don'ts of Union Dues

Thursday, 13 June 2013 10:15

By Ann C Hodges and Ellen Dannin, Truthout | News Analysis


Labor Unions and Mandatory Dues by John F Trent

Those that don't pay their Union Dues must pay an Agency Fee. Once an employee decides not to pay their dues they have, 1. Forfeited their rights to vote will not be able to participate in the membership vote on the tentative Agreement when we go to negotiations for our new collective bargaining agreement. You will have no say as to what happens as a non-member who has not paid their dues. 2. You will have to pay back dues from the months you have not paid as a debt. So you are not saving any money but will build up unnecessary debt. These are lawful provisions and are intended to ensure there are no ‘free riders’. These are facts which reflect the significant advantages employees who are members of the Local enjoy whereas those who elect to only pay the agency fee do not and those who refuse to pay timely will likely be putting their job at risk.