I.G.U.A Local 160 was formed September 15, 2016 when a group of Protective Security Officers decided they wanted a real change.  International Guards Union of America helped make that happen.  The Protective Force who protects Homeland Security Headquarters (NAC) is now certified and Independent, recognized by the Federal Government.  Much thanks goes to our Region 10 Vice President, Ron Knauff and his associates in believing in the Officers here in Washington, DC.  


International Guards Union of America

True Integrity and honest support

Our International has been around since 1948 representing security and police. 

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International Guards Union of America

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It was a rough ride at the NAC; the protective security officers endured hardship from their previous companies management and no real support from their previous union.  

Now these hard working Officers has a chance to rebuild with a new hope.

Steps Taken

All Local Unions must be chartered and be given Independence from their International counterpart. - Get registered with a EIN through the IRS.

- Register your local union with the NLRB and DOL. 

A real International union that really supports their local unions will give you the independence and freedom to actually be your own union and support you all the way through.


Real legal representation is important for your local union.  If you are new local, it is highly recommended to get all the legal support you can.

IGUA Local 160 uses Beins Axelrod, P.C.

It's important to have someone who is experienced and knows what the law states. Negotiations and filing ULP charges against management that abuses their authority must be done correctly. 

The Lawfirm, Beins Axelrod, P.C. has some of the most reputable and professional people.  Great, Great personnel; They truly do care.

Coming Together

Success doesn't come easy but with the right team your site can be one of the best places to work.      Never give up and continue to dig and you will eventually see what your site deserves.  

Patience is a must and transparency to the members is important.  Respect through Trust and good communication is the key to success with people.

What our Protective Security Officers are saying

I would highly recommend International Guards Union of America to other government contract sites.  The personnel are real, and actually care about the success of each Local Union!

T. Lim

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